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Jan 20th, 2024 - Pisek, Czechia


it seems like such an event, everytime I update this now page. In reality it's most probably positive procrastination.


I had a good year 2023 and great prevision for 2024 so I feel the courage of investing money directly into ads. It involves building a landing page and a serie of video ads and that's scary but less scary than last year. The goal is to reach client financed acquisition.


We have 2 group coaching running and it's one of the most pleasant experience I have in my work life : it feel like pure joy to be able to celebrate the progress with my clients.


I started it in the past and didn't keep up because I wanted to make it too complicated. This time I have 4 things I need to eat everyday:

*5 eggs

*400g of meat (beef or turkey)

*500g of 'tvaroh' which is a bit like 'fromage blanc'

*2 protein shakes

The whole thing amounts to 211g of protein. I need 196g to cover my protein needs so I have some buffer.

It's also about 2242 kcal.

In order to reach my goal of hypertrophy, I then need to eat between 900 and 1700kcal of whatever the f I want.

I'm currently focused on eating the 4 elements in the most pleasant way possible to make sure I can do this long-term.

Eating those pleasantly means I eat it with other ingredients.

It's important for me to know what they are so I can keep track of the extra kcal and not overeat.

I love a good process and this one looks solid so I'm going to go 30 days on it and see which kind of results I get with it.


we got a non-official agreement by the bank that with the revenue we got in 2023, they would validate the loan we need to complete the house reconstruction in 2024. We also just received the construction permit, after maybe 6-8 months delay.

I told the architect who gave it to me that I would've "pissed myself of joy" (yeah bad choice of words in Czech...) if we'd have received that 3 months ago but that now I was feeling a sort of apathy.

Which is why the Gratitude practice is important because on hindsight I'm really happy we made those progress

Past Nows

August 27th, 2023, from Chynov Czechia

Creating a new Now Page

I used to have a now page but not update it. I moved my business from Zenler to GoHighLevel and am using that as an excuse to have a new, updated Now Page

Migrating from Zenler to GoHighLevel

I've been a happy user of Zenler for more than a year. I switched to GoHighLevel because I like to have all my eggs in one basket.

GoHighLevel allows me to have a social media scheduler AND a calendly feature from the same app.
It's incredibly important to have an integrated database and GoHighLevel helps me do it

Enjoying vacation

I organized my work around my life. I've decided that in August & December I wouldn't work externally. Meaning I wouldn't have calls with clients or prospects as well as not doing accountability coaching. I still work ON the business.

Getting that 6 packs

I finally got all the elements and just have to execute. Did a trip to France and workedout every day there.
Will do the same once I'm back in Pisek (currently we're at my in law)

Doing house maintenance at the in-law

This house here is the definition of what I hate : imperfect systems.
The people are really nice but the system of the garden drives me nuts.

So I breath and I use that as an occasion to integrate my past.

Everytime someone gets angry, it's something from their past that's being triggered.
My anger has nothing to do with the house or the garden.

Thank you for reading and as usual, Peace!✌

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